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Misguided: Common Misconceptions About Health Supplements


We often see commercials of food supplements promising better health. And many of us believe them. Of course, brands make ads to encourage buyers to purchase their products. However, most of us tend to get the wrong idea.

Some exaggerate the product claims – they create a different understanding about these and think that nutritional supplements can solve their illnesses. And that false positivity can lead to implications like increased health care costs.

You might have heard these before:

  • I will recover soon after taking these additional nourishments.
  • My supplemental pills keep me away from illnesses.
  • These health foods will supply my daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
  • I do not need the help of a dermatology expert – these minerals are enough to keep me young and beautiful.

Some may experience betterment after including supplements in their Medication Therapy Management while others don’t. We should not only rely on these minerals. There is no guarantee, for we all have different reactions to certain compounds and substances.

It is not wrong to hope for a youthful glow, good health, and healing but make sure you are not misguided. The manufacturers have no permission to market their products as cures, and they can not solely claim that these are the reason for your wellness. So as a pharmacy in Katy, Texas, we want you to know that there should be disclaimers for every supplementary product label.

Here at Life Pharmacy, we educate buyers about the products. Our goal is to provide medications following the request of their doctors and have different brands and variations to offer. If you need a Refill Prescription, visit our store at 23541 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 130 Katy, Texas 77497.

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