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Making medications easier to take

Need medication that fits your unique needs?

At Life Pharmacy, we offer custom compounded medications. We can produce unique dosage forms of medications based on your preferences and/or health restrictions.

What is Compounding

Compounding provides an innovative way for pharmacists to customize medications to fit the needs of their patients. The art of compounding utilizes modern medicine while still holding to the roots of the profession of pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies can produce unique dosage forms based on patient preferences and/or restrictions.

Many compounds are specialized medication combinations or compounded in other forms that are not otherwise commercially available. Our pharmacists are trained in compounding a wide variety of ointments, gels, syrups, suspensions, suppositories, capsules, and other formulations that can make medications easier to take, address any special health problems, or just simply get you feeling better, faster.

Why do you need compounded medications?

  • Medication is not available in the proper strength
  • The patient is allergic to the generic brand due to additives
  • The taste of medication makes it unbearable
  • Medication is suddenly discontinued
  • An alternate dosage is needed

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