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As your pharmacy in Katy, Texas, Life Pharmacy is here to help and take care of you and be your friendly neighborhood pharmacy! Our goal is to give you the best customer service experience, promising a prompt and dependable service. We will personally take the time to accommodate your needs, making a positive difference in your life and the future of pharmacy.

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Your Healthcare Specialists

As your trusted community pharmacy, we affirm health, wellness, and life, providing you and your family with the care and attention you deserve.

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Refill Prescription

Easily manage your prescriptions through our refill services.

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Medication Therapy Management

We optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients.

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Learn more about the pharmacy services we offer.

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Caring for Sick Pets

Is your pet sick? Our pharmacists are ready to take care of your pets.

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Delivery Services

Order now, and enjoy our delivery services.

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