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Serving the needs of the local community and beyond with passion and empathy.
Female pharmacist reading the label on a medicine pot at a pharmacy with a colleague in the background.

Life Pharmacy is a detail-oriented pharmacy in Katy, Texas.
How we distinguish ourselves from our competitors:

  • We help our customers manage copay issues through special programs.
  • Help with patients who have trouble getting to the pharmacy with home delivery assistance.
  • We have minimum wait time compared to our competitors.
  • We ensure that you will get your special medications on time (If it’s made in the USA, we get it for you the next day).
  • Durable Medical Equipment in stock for your one-stop pharmacy shopping.
  • Our pharmacists are always available for advice on chronic health conditions.


Our mission is to provide excellent service in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication, setting standards for quality and value, always putting our client’s needs.


Our vision is to be the most preferred pharmacy in the communities we serve.

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We engage in the best practices to help people improve their health. Contact us now for your inquiries.

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