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Compounding Medications: What Are the Benefits?


Drug compounding is the process of mixing, combining, or altering ingredients to create a medication that meets the needs of a specific patient. It usually involves two drugs or more.

Compounding is done when a patient cannot take a commercially available medicine or requires one that has already been discontinued. Only licensed pharmacists and specialty pharmacies can do this, such as our pharmacy that does compounding in Texas.

Drug compounding, although not FDA-approved, provides a lot of benefits aside from the general ones earlier mentioned. It can:

  • Allow access to discontinued medications for patients who still need them to fill their prescriptions.
  • Make some medications with unpleasant flavors more palatable.
  • Allow different dosage forms like making a pill into a liquid form.
  • Do away with offensive ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Offer treatments for unusual or resistant illnesses that traditional medicine can’t help with.

Aside from these patient-centered benefits of compounding, it can also make one’s pharmacy services have an edge over others.

Our pharmacy in Katy, Texas offers compounding services in order to provide these benefits. We value our customers and patients very much that we make sure each of their unique pharmacy needs is met – properly and timely.

If you want to know more about compounding, call Life Pharmacy today! We also offer dermatology medications.

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