About Life Pharmacy

We are a detail oriented, Pharmacist owned retail Pharmacy. Serving the needs of the local community and beyond with passion and empathy.

How we distinguish ourselves from our competitors:

  • We help our customers manage copay issues through special programs.
  • Help with patients who have trouble getting to the pharmacy with home delivery assistance.
  • We have minimum wait time compared to our competitors.
  • We ensure that you will get your special medications on time (If it's made in the USA, we get it for you next day).
  • Durable Medical Equipment in stock for your one-stop pharmacy shopping.
  • Pharmacist always available for advice on chronic health conditions (BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Feminine Issues, etc.).

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Priscilla Okpuzor, Pharm.D

Mr. Onyeka Arinze RPh